About Me - Elvin Gines

Elvin Gines was born and raised in a multicultural village on the central plains of Oahu, Hawaii, called Kunia Village. At an early age the various culture of the Caucasian, Chinese, Filipino, Japanese, Hawaiian, Korean, and Portuguese cultivated a desire to explore how people of different traditions lived in harmony and unity. His experiences in cultural diversity molded his attitude and mannerism that formed the seeds of his artistic vision. He enlisted in the United States Army after high school, and was interested in knowing more about the cultures of the various nationalities around him.

His interest eventually led him to buy a camera and document the people and places he came in contact with. His interest in photography has remained to document people in their environment after he retired from the military. He finds inspiration by observing how people interact amongst each other, their surroundings, and the circumstances affecting their lives. He graduated from the Academy of Art San Francisco with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Photography in the Spring of 2016 with a focus on documentary/editorial photography and continues to refine his skills in capturing his view and interpretation of the human interaction in world around him.